Grains of Truth

Grains of Truth

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A book for the beginner who knows nothing about whole grains, for the intermediate who's looking to expand their "repertoire" of whole grains and for the advanced who needs a breath of fresh air and reminder of the "why's" and "how's" of whole grains.

An excellent kitchen reference tool or a home economics text for young people, this book will become a much used resource in every healthy kitchen.

Donna G. Spann, (a.k.a. "The Bread Lady") has written a modern primer on whole grains. In a conversational and humorous style, this professional wife and homeschooling mom of five daughters shares simple ways to integrate inexpensive whole grains into any family's diet - with life changing results.

"If I can do it, anyone can!" writes Donna, and she means it. This is a gal whose children think the smoke detector is an oven timer!

Today's Family MattersAn excellent kitchen reference, gift, or home economics supplement!  This book covers (for each grain), the history, characteristics, and nutritional values.  PLUS, 

  • how to buy them, 
  • how to store them, and 
  • how to use them!

Chapters include:

red, white, 
hard, soft
Amaranth Barley
Buckwheat Bulgur Corn
Flaxseed Kamut Millet
Oats Rye Spelt

Also included:

  • Lists of Suppliers
  • Info on Bread Making Equipment
  • Recipes and Serving Suggestions

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